The Hubby  

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1. On his late 30's
2. A nurse in profession.
3. A minister of the gospel.
4. My youth pastor.
5. My best friend and confidante
6. Currently out of the country.

About The Little Lady  

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1. Born thru CSection
2. 7.9 lbs
3. May 30, 2006
4. Exploring
5. Curious
6. Funny
7. Bundle of Joy

Random Thoughts About Me  

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  1. I was born on the 20th of July 1978.
  2. I don't eat squash.
  3. I want a dog.
  4. I had 4 sisters and a brother.
  5. I can't drive. I want to learn. Still planning though.
  6. I love the ocean.
  7. I love music. I can sing. Been singing for the Lord for 15 years now.
  8. I love books.
  9. I'm a mom to a growing toddler.
  10. I'm a working mom.
  11. I love the song "In your Hands".
  12. I want to learn other languages. I only know one. English. (Except of course my native language. Filipino.)
  13. I took up swimming course back in college. I passed with a high mark. But after my class, I'm sill afraid to swim. Even until now.
  14. I'm emotionally strong and cannot be moved easily to tears.
  15. I took up Advertising in college. I think I'm creative.
  16. I love flowers. Though my husband seldom give me.
  17. Potato chips and french fries are my favorite snacks.
  18. I can cook pasta. Specially, Carbonara.
  19. I don't like chocolate cakes and ice cream.
  20. My current hobby is blogging and digital scrapbooking.
  21. I'm 5'1". and 90 lbs. Petite.
  22. I'm an introvert...yeah!
  23. I played badminton.
  24. I graduated high school with honors. Smart?
  25. My favorite colors are beige, violet and blue.
  26. I seldom drink coffee.
  27. I'm picky.
  28. I love cooking.
  29. I married a pastor...who's also a nurse.
  30. I am easily fascinated with arts and crafts.
  31. I got married on July 23, 2005.
  32. I only watch TV when my favorite show is on air. I prefer listening to classic and Gospel music and Christian radio stations.
  33. I don't have a favorite movie.
  34. I like peaceful serene places. I hate crowded and noisy ones.
  35. I want to discover alot of things.
  36. I'm a self-learner.
  37. I learned the computer thru self exploration.
  38. My favorite books of the Bible are Psalms and James.
  39. I got saved when I was 11.
  40. I lead the congregation to worship when I was 13.
  41. I was once an ugly duckling. I groomed my self well now so I feel and look better and confident.
  42. I love accessories. I do my own sometimes.
  43. I'm a thinker.
  44. I don't want to work abroad like most Filipino out there.
  45. I once was an editor-in-chief of our highschool newspaper.
  46. I won an editorial writing contest in highschool.
  47. I'm a listener.
  48. An adviser.
  49. A Friend.
  50. A writer.